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Courses for Students Ages 7 to 12

STAR Academy’s Online Courses allow students to work with our experienced instructors virtually. Whether your child is looking to get started in coding, wants to explore Arduinos, or interested in more advanced coding – STAR Academy’s courses are a perfect solution to allow for instruction from home. All sessions are recorded, and all registered participants will receive a link and password as the course date approaches. SPACE IS LIMITED – Register Below


Robotics is more than building!

Coding a robot is an integral part of the robotics field and this course will introduce students to the basic movements and commands used in robotics. Students learn the foundations of coding through increasingly difficult projects with their virtual robot. No experience with robotics is required!

This course is for beginners to Block based programming/Scratch. Grades 2 – 4.
Meets once a week for 10 weeks.  $180


Take your programming a further through a series of projects using block-based coding and a virtual robot. The instructor will lead students through a series of projects designed to familiarize themselves with robotics tasks, sensors, and coding challenges. This course is for students with a foundational understanding of block-based coding.

This course is for students with some basic knowledge of  Block based programming/Scratch. Grades 3 – 6.
Meets once a week for 10 weeks.  $180

Coding with Python:ELIZA Program

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is used by programmers at all skill levels and careers. Get started learning Python in this project-based course lead by STAR Academy’s experienced instructors. Students will work through challenges and finish the course with a completed ELIZA program.

This course is for students with no prior programming experience.  Grades 4 – 8
Meets once a week for 10 weeks.  $180

Game Dev Level 1: 2D Game

Learn the basics of becoming a self-sufficient game developer. Develop your own visuals, make your own code, and create your own 2D game! All coding is done in the Unity game engine with a graph-based visual scripting tool. We will also be creating our own visuals using Krita.
Student downloads required.
This course is for students with no prior programming experience.  Grades 4 – 8
Meets once a week for 10 weeks.  $180


Learn to assemble robots, design robot creatures, program robotic movements, and fly drones and more with our various STEM camps hosted by the STAR Academy!
With endless possibilities for robot creations, our camp will awaken a sense of curiosity about the robotic world! (activities will vary by age.) We encourage teamwork and imagination while applying problem-solving and STEM skills. Our coaches, a perfect blend of tech lovers, enthusiastic newbies, and experienced teaching professionals, make learning and STEM training FUN. We can’t wait to see you at our next camp session!

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