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Coding | Robotics | Drones |Game Development | 3D Design

STAR Academy’s Summer Membership is the best way to for your child to excel in the technologies of the future.  Get access to ALL courses, leagues, classes and programs now through August 31!

Become a summer member to:

  • Give your child a head start on technology skills.
  • Start an extra curricular activity that focuses on career building skills.
  • Avoid the summer slide!
  • Use math and reading to code, build, and design!
  • Join before May 18 to attend our annual Member Picnic and Showcase!

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Become a member through 8/31/19


Learn to assemble robots, design robot creatures, program robotic movements, and fly drones and more with our various STEM camps hosted by the STAR Academy!
With endless possibilities for robot creations, our camp will awaken a sense of curiosity about the robotic world! (activities will vary by age.) We encourage teamwork and imagination while applying problem-solving and STEM skills. Our coaches, a perfect blend of tech lovers, enthusiastic newbies, and experienced teaching professionals, make learning and STEM training FUN. We can’t wait to see you at our next camp session!

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