Homeschool Classes

Looking for STEM training for you children? Trying to Keep up with the latest tech? 
STAR Academy classes guide students to success with fun and engaging projects!
Each 8-week session is included in membership, or $200 per session.

Tuesday Classes Starting January 8, from 1:30 – 3:00

Intro to Robotics (Ages 10+)
Robotics is one of the best areas to hone math, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. Learn the basics of robotics by designing, building and programming robots. This project-based class is engaging and rigorous!

Scratch Programming (Ages 7-9)
Start programming with Scratch! Students will create games, cards and use programming to interact with objects! This is the prefect way to get a young student started with programming!

Wednesday Classes Starting January 9, from 1:30 – 3:00

Drone Class (Ages 10+)
The drone industry is experiencing rapid growth. Start the learning now with flying, programming, and competing with drones!

Game Development (Ages 10+)
Go from playing video games to designing them! This 8-week course will introduce students to programming with industry standard game and graphics engines. Each student will have an elementary version of a game when complete.


Learn to assemble robots, design robot creatures, program robotic movements, and fly drones and more with our various STEM camps hosted by the STAR Academy!
With endless possibilities for robot creations, our camp will awaken a sense of curiosity about the robotic world! (activities will vary by age.) We encourage teamwork and imagination while applying problem-solving and STEM skills. Our coaches, a perfect blend of tech lovers, enthusiastic newbies, and experienced teaching professionals, make learning and STEM training FUN. We can’t wait to see you at our next camp session!

Build & Program

Learn to Fly

Design & Print

Imagine & Build

Learn to

Experiment with

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