Level 2 Video Game Development

Create a more advanced game of your own design! Learn the key foundational elements of game development.

Students will gain an in depth understanding of programming and begin learning basic digital design and art skills. Each of these multi-week sessions courses builds on skills learned in Level 1.  You can take a few, all, or hop in and out as you desire!  When students complete all sessions, they will have a polished video game ready to share, play and compete.


Game Dev Level 2: Level Design and Game Audio  (May – June)

How are you going to make your game something awesome? Find out how many options there are and which ones are right for you. Also make your game more immersive by adding sounds and music that play when you want them to play!


Game Dev Level 2: Lighting, Materials, and Shaders (April – May)

Code your game in order to add interaction with the lights and visuals while also making it overall more dynamic. Discover how to make the most out of a simple shape to make your game look more like how you want.

Class 1: Discover all the different types of lights and how they are each useful. Code with uScript in order to interact with them.

Class 2: Create a repeating texture in Krita and apply it to an object in your game to see how you can make your game more visually stunning while still maximizing your computer’s performance.

Class 3: Using a simple pre-made 3D object, create a texture and learn what a specular map is. Use uScript again in order to interact with your material!

Class 4: Try out different types of shaders for your textures to discover what they do. Get a glimpse at just how far you can take it and see what you will be able to do once you are in level 3!

Class 5: Work on creating textures for all of the objects that need them in your own game. See how much of a difference it can make


Past Level 2 Courses:

Game Dev.- Level 2: Launch and Fall: Projectiles and Game Physics 
Fire away! Jump into the world of projectiles by creating and customizing them using Unity and uScript.
  • This course works students through the understanding, creation, and trajectory of a projectile within a game.
  • Students will get hands on learning with Unity, uScript, and Krita or Blender.


Classes take place on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings.  If you are unable to make a session of the class it can be made up on the alternate day it is offered. Please register online to reserve your space or make us aware of the change so we may do so for you.