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Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Test Prep Course

Now enrolling. Limited spaces available. Join us for this 2-day class that will arm you with all the knowledge you will need to pass your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification test.

Class size is small, so save your spot!


 Our Drones Programs

Beginner Drones Training Programs


( = Complexity)

Ground School 

1-hour course that teaches the essentials:

  • Safety plus basic FAA guidelines and regulations
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Options and possibilities with drones
  • Private, Group or Class


Flight School   ($36)

1.5 hour  1-session course in our Indoor Drone Arena to learn and improve basic flight skills including the essential maneuvers:

  • Navigate over, under, and through obstacles
  • Tips for flying indoors and outdoors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Private, Group or Class


See the upcoming courses to enroll online.

Intermediate Drones Programs

( = Complexity)

Flight School   ($36)

1.5 hour – 1-session course to develop next level flight skills.

  • Learn coordinated flight – making the drone go where you point it. (This is important for both photography and racing)
  • Nose out, left, back, etc.
  • Fly drills: squares, laps, Figure eights, rotate about a point, etc.
  • Private, Group, or Class


Build a Tiny Whoop    

Take the first step by getting involved in the exciting hobby of Tiny Whoop racing. Students will build their own Tiny Whoop quadcopter from a variety of components and learn all the steps of getting it into the air and racing around the track.
  • Learned skills will include light soldering, component assembly, software tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Who is this course for?: Students 13 years and older that are interested in building their own quad, perhaps for the first time.


Film School    

2-hour course where you learn to shoot professional-level video and stills using well-known drone platforms such as Phantom, Parrot, and GoPro, plus custom options.

  • Learn practical and commercial applications for accomplished drone imaging including promotional and educational footage, search & rescue, surveying, inspection, surveillance, and more.
  • Private, Group, or Class


Intro to Aerial Photography     

Aerial Photography is a wonderful hobby to get involved in. This class is designed to get you in the air and capturing some
breathtaking images! Students will learn about several types of drone shots.  How to best focus and expose the camera.  Which flight settings to use in the drone.  As well as advanced techniques. Students are encouraged to bring in their own aerial photography drone if they have one, but it is not required.

  • Who should take this course?: Students interested in Aerial Photography as a hobby who want tips from the pro’s on how to do it well.
  • Professionals will want to take the full aerial photography course.

Using the DJI GO App    

This class will take a deep dive into all the different features available within the app. It is the best way to get the most out of your aerial photography platform without making a single mod. No matter if you are flying a Spark or an Inspire, we can help you find everything you need inside the app to get exactly the shot you are looking for.
  • Who is the course design for?: Students who recently purchased a DJI drone, or plan to, and want to have an understanding of the entire app.
  • Skill Level: Beginner pilot skills and up.


See the schedule to enroll online.

Advanced Drones Programs

( = Complexity)

Flight School 

6-hour program to learn and fly your FPV-enabled drone through basic and intermediate courses.

  • Learn how drone races work
  • Strategy and tactics for various courses
  • Speeding up your aircraft
  • Participate with STAR Academy members in local/regional events
  • Private, Group, or Class

Build School   

8-hour course where you learn to select, assemble, and test the best racing drone.

  • Participants purchase a kit or components to assemble and fly, with instruction
  • Teaches benefits of latest components for racing applications, assembly techniques, tuning electronic controls, troubleshooting and field repairs
  • Assemble your own race kit
  • Private, Group, or Class


Film School  

4-hour course to learn the techniques to capture and assemble truly stunning and useful stills and video

  • Includes assistance from experienced instructors on camera selection, shot selection and composition, video editing and photo enhancement
  • Private, Group, or Class


Speed Camp 

4-hour course to learn how to go fast!

  • How to build, improve, and fly your drone to be increasingly competitive in the growing sport of drone racing
  • Understand and choose from various racing classes
  • Train for common course maneuvers
  • Good sportsmanship and how to help grow the drone racing leagues
  • Private, Group, or Class


Intro to Autonomous Flight 

This class will walk advanced beginners and intermediate pilots through the steps necessary to plan, program and execute a variety of autonomous flight missions including:
  • Panoramic photos
  • Active Tracking
  • Way Points
  • Points of Interest
  • (Orbit) and Grid patterns for photogrammetry.
  • Who is this for?: Students who have their own drone and want to learn about autonomous flight.

Intro to Aerial Mapping

This course is for students or professionals working in a trade that would benefit from having mapping in-house or are interested in doing some mapping for themselves. Intermediate pilot skills are required. The student should own their own drone capable of grid patterns. See Video recording of fieldwork in action!
Learn the following:
  • What drone mapping is & how it works?
  • 2d vs 3d
  • Resources required
  • Platforms available on the market
  • Local processing and Cloud processing
  • What control software is available, along with Pros & Cons
  • What is legally allowed by the state
  • Best Practices and MORE!


See the schedule to enroll online.

College Prep or Workforce Development

( = Complexity)

Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Test Prep Course  

This is the local Part 107 test prep course you have been waiting for! Our 2-day class will arm you with all the knowledge you will need to pass your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification test. Receive a printed official FAA Part 107 Study Guide along with in-person training from experienced UAV operators and top drone service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, Elevated Element.
  • Class size is small to allow participants ample time to engage in discussion and ask all of the questions they may have.
  • With this course, you will learn everything needed to ensure you pass the 60-question, 2-hour Part 107 Remote Pilot certification test.
  • Please note, you must be 16 years old to take the test.

Build & Apply  

Learn prototyping, iteration, collaboration, sourcing and solutions when you design and build your own robot for:

  • Scholarship projects
  • Commercial and community service applications
  • Competition
  • Create and document a truly remarkable project!
  • Private or Group Training Only

Contact us to apply.

Play Your Way

Most programs are available as group courses. All programs can be done in private training or small group (2-3 people) format.

Upcoming Courses

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Give the Gift of Drones

All of our programs are available and able to be given as gifts.

Drone Rentals

A variety of rentals are available if needed for $10-$20 per session. Insurance is also available for an additional $5.

Drones Courses

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Cancellation Policy:
STAR Academy may cancel classes with fewer than 3 registrants, 24-hours prior to the course.
Registrants will be notified of cancellation via e-mail or text message and offered their choice of rescheduling or credit on account.

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Drones Club

Our Drones Club is an organization growing to meet the need for organized drones programs and training for school systems and other youth organizations in and around the Baltimore area. We provide experienced coaching and curriculum. Participants will learn and experience a full range of training, from basic training, maneuvering and control, to advanced skills including drone assembly and practical applications of drones in today’s world. Clubs meet weekly and start at $19.95/month. 

Drones Camps

Learn about flight control systems, drone assembly, and the application of using drones in today’s world. Our drone camp gives participants the ability to put themselves in the pilot’s seat (activities will vary by age.) We encourage teamwork and imagination while applying problem-solving and STEM skills. Our coaches, a perfect blend of tech lovers, enthusiastic newbies, and experienced teaching professionals, make learning about drones FUN.

Off-Site Events

Want a club, team, class, demonstration or competition at your school, business, or event? We can create a custom package and arrangements for whatever you are looking to do. Just reach out to us for more information.

“You guys have a great program and the instructors are doing a fantastic job!  Very professional and outstanding with our students! Thank you!!”

John D’Adamo
Our Lady of Grace School

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