Level 2 Drones

Weekly 90-minute classes on Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:30pm. and Saturdays from 12:30pm – 2:00pm. (Level 2 courses enable students improve from basic understanding to proficiency.)

Expand your skills and experience with our Level 2 Drone Course!

Applications for drones are expanding in all directions.
Here are just some of the projects we offer in Drones: Level 2:

2.1 Next-Level autonomous flight.

  • Take your basic programming skills to the next level with intermediate challenges.
  • Improve your skills and experience as you prepare for advanced autonomous flight.


2.2 Build a training drone (for yourself, or for the STAR Academy fleet)

  • Learn the purpose and assembly of essential quadcopter components.
  • Buy the kit and keep the drone or build one of ours for the STAR Academy training fleet.
  • Test and prove your finished drone with free-flight and autonomous programming challenges.


2.3 Introduction to First Person View (FPV)

  • Experience the thrill of FPV flight.  Just like you’re in the cockpit!
  • Learn the pro’s and cons of different types of FPV equipment
  • Build your skills with our progressive drone challenges


2.4 Let’s Go RACING!

  • A three-week course on the basics of drone racing
  • Learn about strategy and tactics
  • Different types and levels of drone racing available and the equipment necessary to compete.
  • Practice a variety of course configurations to prepare you for future races.


2.5 Basic Photography    Use your drone or ours.  Learn about:

  • the many different types of drones and cameras available today.
  • controls and tactics for aerial photography.
  • the rules and restrictions on outdoor flight and privacy of others.
  • basic composition (how to set-up for great shots)
  • capturing, downloading and sharing your work using new software.
  • practice your skills to become a reliable aerial photographer.


2.6 Shooting video           Use your drone or ours.

  • Just like basic photography, but now we’re shooting video!
  • Learn about the many different types of drones and video options available today.
  • Learn to capture and edit compelling shots into useful and interesting finished spots.

Topics run for 3-weeks or more with projects that students complete to improve their skills and experience. Each theme offers a certificate of completion. When the full course is completed, students will receive a Level 2 Drone Certification, recognized by area schools and employers as a valuable achievement, and prerequisite to register for Level 3 training at STAR Academy.
This Level 2 course offers rolling enrollment. With a STAR Membership, you may start at any time and register for any of the scheduled sessions, regardless if you had completed any prior Level 2 sessions.

Classes take place on Tuesday evenings or Saturday afternoons. If you are unable to make a scheduled session, it can be made up on the alternate day of the week it is offered. Please register online to reserve your space or make us aware of the change so we can do so for you.