Coding Lab

Coding Lab

Everybody in this country
should learn to program a computer,
because it teaches you how to think.
– Steve Jobs

Some people call it a Maker Space, others call it Hacking. We call it the
Monday Night Coding Lab!

The STAR Academy Coding Lab (ages 8+) is a casual weekly meeting which exposes students to a coding with Scratch, working with Arduino, circuits, and more!

Each student begins with a progression of simple coding projects to explore the possibilities with Scratch programming language. Once ready, they can build, create, and design projects using toys, robots, or anything they can imagine. Our experienced coach will lead them through the projects at their pace!

This is perfect for any students who want to learn coding or get started in it.

The Coding Lab meets weekly on Mondays from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.
It is free for members or $25 per session for non-members.

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