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  • Interests & Capabilities

STAR Academy coaches and assistants represent the organization with every assignment. Preparation, timeliness, courtesy, compassion, honesty, good communication and professionalism are all traits we value as much as ability and experience. All STAR Academy personnel must complete a fingerprint criminal background check along with abuse and molestation training and certification and participate in random drug testing. STAR Academy coaches and assistants will be required to attend periodic (paid) training sessions to remain current in their roles.

STAR Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer that recruits and hires qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, or veteran status. Please note that the questions contained in this job posting are our sole intellectual property and will not be sold or shared with any other organization, unless required by law.*

  • Ability to acquire and impact a working knowledge of robotics, problem-solving skills, and simple computer programming skills
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills; ability to inspire and work with elementary, middle and high school-aged students in a co-teaching capacity
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively in many mediums: by email, verbally, with lists and phone messages, on the phone, and with body language
  • Great work ethic. Be on time to work with the children be compassionate and attentive with the kids.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. React quickly to changing business conditions and can change gears and adapt as required.
  • Maintain emotional control under a variety of stressors
  • Ability to work with frequent interruptions
  • Experience working with children in urban communities
  • One-year or more Robotics / STEM teaching experience
  • Computer science/math/science/engineering (high school or college) background/ experience with robotics
  • Acquire thorough knowledge of the robotics curriculum and subject matter
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills; ability to inspire and work with elementary, middle and high school-aged students in a co-teaching capacity
  • Assist students with specific classroom activities
  • Demonstrate and apply active listening skills, non-threatening questioning skills, and provide reflective feedback to the students to inspire additional interest and pursuit of more advanced robotics
  • Work directly with the STAR Academy administration and the School Representative to make sure that the required skill sets are taught
  • Develop and maintain a confidential, trusting, and collegial relationship with robotics coaches/teachers and all other staff members

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