After School STEM Club

Perfect for Students Ages 8-14
Have FUN While LEARNING a NEW Activity Every Week!

Available every weekday from 3:00 – 6:00, After School STEM Club offers a unique opportunity to learn, work, and experience emerging technologies! Most importantly, students will enjoy learning new skills, and apply math and science to real world problems!

Hands on Learning with…
Building & Programming Robots,  Learning to Fly and Program Drones, Designing and Printing 3D Creations, Imagining & Building Video Games,  Learning to Code, Experimenting and Designing Virtual Reality

Enrich Academic Skills…
Apply Math Skills like Geometry and Basic Operations, Enhance Teamwork and Brainstorming Techniques, Think Critically to Complete Projects

*Billed monthly. 10% discount for full school year registration.
**Contact STAR Academy for transportation provider.
(Discounts for STAR Members also available)

About Our World Class Staff:

The director of the club is a veteran public school teacher and certified administrator. He has assisted in the development of system wide science curricula and was a Teacher of the Year nominee in 2017.

The lead teacher has over 17 years experience in the classroom; teaching computer science and music. In addition to his teaching experience, he was a member of the prestigious Lego Education Advisory Panel, and has written 9 textbooks on computer science.

The after-school curriculum will be robust, reinforcing important academic and 21st Century skills – while the students have fun!.

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STEM Club Pricing*
5 days — $100/wk | 4 days — $80/wk | 3 days — $70/wk

Transportation available to STAR Academy for just $10 a day.

Looking for an After-School Program that’s FUN & Teaches students emerging STEM Topics?

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Students will learn to:
  • Design and build robots
  • Fly and program drones
  • Design and print 3D objects
  • Create video games
  • Build your own virtual world
  • Learn all kinds of programming

Build & Program

Learn to Fly

Design & Print

Imagine & Build

Learn to

Experiment with

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